Impossible Pursuit

Impossible pursuit

As Trinity makes her rooftop escape, pursued by Agent Brown and several police, she makes a seemingly impossible jump. The police, who are just men, wearing a uniform, doing a job, stop. Their lives, their futures just aren’t worth the risk. Trinity is unrestricted by such limitations and running for her life.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


- Hippocrates

Of course, we know that in the movie, the Matrix is not real. As such, the constructed reality is limited, to some extent, by belief. This is one of the strongest messages that comes from the authors. Although, it would be inadvisable to attempt a forty foot leap between seven story buildings, regardless of personal conviction, the idea still somehow compelling.

As a metaphor though, with the Matrix representing the rules of society, the majority of people will see anything that breaks the rules as impossible.

The only exceptions are those who have equal conviction in upholding one law at the expense of breaking another… ie. an agent.

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