Unable to Speak

Unable to speak

This scene reinforces the previous interview Mr. Rhineheart. It has the same structure as Neo’s reprimand, the same comply or suffer rules. It’s just a bit further up the pyramid, on a higher level. Both these scenes set the framework for the authoritative, hierarchical structure of the Matrix. A shift from corporate level to government level.

At government level though, things get a bit more serious. It’s not just a question of losing a job, it’s more about losing everything. Neo is given an ultimatum. Not only to cease and desist his current course of enquiry, but to also hand over Morpheus, the mentor he has yet to meet, who represents his higher self and the source of this behaviour.

Also in this scene is a reference to Neo’s duality, having two lives. One as a respectable citizen, the socially responsible and boring picture of normality. The other as a hacker, rising to exciting challenges, pitting his knowledge and creative abilities against those above him.


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