We are told this is his hacker name, a pseudonym that he uses to identify himself amongst those who appreciate and recognise his skills as a programmer. This represents his alter-ego, his higher self, his spirit, his dreams… who he wants to be. With the right support and encouragement, that skill could be nurtured and REALLY used.

Many people have (or had) and idea of what they wanted to do… who they wanted to be. Very often this is drummed out of us by overbearing parents or an education system that was set up for an industrial age, moulding people into dull dreary automatons ready for the production line or office.

Eventually, he becomes his higher self and above all expectations, and through his own self sacrifice, the saviour of the world.

In this, of course, he mirrors many other mythological heroes, Osiris, Tammuz and most notably Jesus Christ.