The characters in any allegorical story are often used to symbolise certain concepts. These may be types of people (stereotypes); a group or organisation; a part of the mind; a power or force; etc.
Below are a list of the main characters in the film and what they symbolise.

Thomas Anderson

Though he may be the same physical character as Neo, he does not represent the same archetype. Thomas Anderson, is just an average guy. He has no desire to be a superhero, he just does what he is supposed to do: work; sleep; pay his taxes… take out his neighbour’s garbage.

He is good at his job, but is typically unappreciated, by those that use his talents. As such, he feels a certain amount of resentment toward the company he works for and is generally dissatisfied with his situation, but helpless to do anything about it. He knows something is wrong with the world, he’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist searching… searching for answers.