Trinity in a Jam

Trinity in a jam

Initially, we get the impression that subversive activities are afoot. Spying, maybe something illegal. Armed police storm into room 303, where sits a young woman in front of a laptop.

Back in the street, the police lieutenant is approached by three CIA or FBI like agents. They reprimand the lieutenant, which he shrugs off with the air of someone who just doing the same run of the mill job he’s always done. Like so many of us, when a job becomes routine, we become blas√© and ignore warnings as the ego says “I know what I’m doing.” The suspect was just a girl. Hardly a force to be reckoned with.

But, looks can be deceiving. For most people, what they see is real. The cops see a slim, sexy woman wearing the skin tight leather clothing, of what could be initially construed as a cheap tart or prostitute. In society, attire defines who you are according to its restraints. According to the rules of society, a young woman does not wear clothing that shows more of her figure than taboo allows, unless she is selling sexual favours or rebelling against those taboos. In Trinity’s case, it is partially the latter, but she is also aware that such taboos are nothing more than an illusory construct. She is quite comfortable with her own sexuality and aware that in the Matrix, it gives her an advantage. Let’s face it, you were distracted by her shapely leather clad backside (regardless of gender or sexual orientation), weren’t you?

Although Trinity is exceptionally feminine, she is also capable of emotionless acts of aggression. She is far more that her appearances portray and easily capable of protecting herself.

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