The Search for Truth

The search for truth marks the beginning of the quest for enlightenment. The beginning of transcendence from the illusory world of the Matrix to the real one. However, in order to accept the real truth, one must be prepared to seek out, face and destroy the lies that make up the internal model that provides the framework of our own minds.

The majority of those we would term “enlightened” have only reached that state due to external forces shattering their illusion, and with it their false model of life.

We are all sold a life model. It may vary according to country, culture and upbringing, but a vastly simplified analogy would be as follows:

Go to school -> Get a job -> Get married -> Have children -> Retire -> Die

It is often only after life shattering trauma, that most honest and responsible people question their beliefs. Those people who have played by the rules and played well, yet despite this, still failed.

The life model must be flawed!


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